Wildlife Slide Show by Colin Carver

Copsale Hall Production!

Around 20 people attended a slide show by local wildlife expert Colin Carver on the 18th April in aid of the Copsale Village Hall maintenance fund. 

Colin, who was born in 1 New Cottages in Maplehurst, now lives in Southwater and was able to show us a small selection of the brilliant photographs he has taken over the last 30 years. Hundreds of these have been published in a variety of magazines (including a front cover of the RSPB mag, Calendars, Woman and Home etc.). Many photos were taken locally but others were from other parts of the British Isles and Colin gave fascinating answers to a wide range of questions put to him throughout the evening.

Halfway through the evening we had a break for tea and biscuits provided by Sheila Mayes, Jean Griffin and Sally Care. This was followed by a raffle and the photograph shows Colin shaking hands with the first prize winner. Also worth a mention is that James besides helping throughout the evening, also managed to win a bottle of wine which no  doubt found it's way into Duncan's clutches later.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed in the low turn out for the evening, especially as we managed to get a fee six inch column in the local rag advertising the event. However, everyone who attended expressed their admiration at Colin's stunning work and knowledge. Hopefully Colin will agree to repeat the exercise when we can drum up a bit more support.

Dave Toye 1st May 2001

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