Sedgwick Site Statistics

This graph details the unique visits to the site over the last 20 months. A unique visit is gauged as such and is not a visitor coming back, shall we say to the home page, and bumping up a hit counter just by refreshing the page. 

I get the impression that most visitors are are interested in the forum and the peaks in the graph are in line with the controversial subjects sometimes raised. Sedgwick Park rights of way, fox hunting, shooting and speed limits come to mind. Still more scope on all of these subjects I would have thought!

Anyone wishing to send me a contribution for the site will have it gratefully received.

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Last 20 Months Unique Visitors
  Dec     1  
  Aug     74  
  Sep     513  
  Oct     304  
  Nov     358  
  Dec     234  
  Jan     390  
  Feb     731  
  Mar     605  
  Apr     451  
  May     487  
  Jun     368  
  Jul     358  
  Aug     416  
  Sep     386  
  Oct     430  
  Nov     472  
  Dec     415  
  Jan     698  
  Feb     539  
  Mar     193  

Dave Toye 13th March