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1) Lawn
Our turf people came, laid the turf and left. No fuss, no mess, just a lovely smooth covering of lawn. We got the turf locally from Cultivated Turf Farms on the A272 just outside Cowfold. They did a superb job at a very reasonable price and I can recommend them very highly.

2) Local Talent excels.

Word has just reached my ears that the display Kevin Black built for The Hampton Court Flower Show has been awarded a GOLD MEDAL.
That is pretty impressive. I will find out more details and get Dave to post them on the website. I have been press-ganged into attending the flower show on Saturday afternoon so I will report back on my findings.

3) Pub Quiz
May I say a big thank you to everyone who turned up to support the Pub quiz at the White Horse on Monday 2nd July. We raised just short of 80 for the Copsale Village Hall which is a major result. Will all the contestants please accept my apologies if the questions seemed a bit hard - they were (nearly) all based on items in the national press over the past month so I thought they wouldn't have been too bad. One contestant (who shall remain nameless) mentioned to me that he  felt that he had paid money to humiliate himself - all I can offer by way of response is that at least this method was cheaper than (if not quite as much fun as) the ones advertised in certain phone kiosks near Kings Cross station!
Anyway , Dave Toye's team won (again) so I think it is only fair that they set the questions for the next Pub Quiz and give us lesser mortals a chance for glory!

A big "Thank You" also goes to Duncan England (and to you Simon for your donated prizes DT) for the  prizes he donated to the raffle. And once again, thanks to Simon and Beth at The White Horse for hosting this event.

4) Humps
If anyone is wondering what the humps are doing on the verges along Park Lane then I have the answer - the young people of Park Lane have been busy building a series of take-off ramps for their bicycles. The youths have been busy copying the daredevil feats of the 70's stuntman Evel Knievel by performing leaps from one ramp to another. Indeed word has reached me that one young turk did the complete stuntman thing and broke his collar bone! Seriously, though, it sounded pretty painful so I hope things will be on the mend soon. Perhaps our budding fly-boys would be kind enough to return the verges to their original state when they have finished killing themselves. 

5) Upcoming events in The White Horse and environs
Its a busy month this month. Events include:-
i)  5th July at 8.00 pm High Jinx dancers (hurrah!)
ii) 7th July Caribbean night at The Copsale Village Hall. White Horse for libations beforehand!
ii) 8th July presidents day at Mannings Heath golf Course - White Horse doing the barbecue
iv) Horsham Twinning Ceremony - this is a very important event. I for one will have my best lederhosen on because I understand Horsham will be twinning with the German Stadt of Vorsprung Durch Technik. The White Horse will be providing lashings of gassy bier (that's the German spelling) and a groaning sideboard of Bratwurst, Pumpernickel and Sauerkraut. Afterwards we can belch our way through a few verses of "She'll be coming round themountain..." to entertain our honoured guests.
NB Remember to be  nice to all the dignitaries with thick gold chains around their necks - it will probably be the Mayor but it could also be a "Gangsta rapper".
v)  Nuthurst Cricket Club Barbecue 21st of July. this will probably be much the same as (iv) above but with fewer Germans present.

6) Investment Club
Is there an investment club in the area? If not, does anyone fancy starting one up with me to take a few punts in the share market or in spread betting trades. Let me know if you are interested please.

7) Lions Tour.
What a great match it was last Saturday. Suffice to say that a good time was had by all. the next matches are this Saturday and next. Viewing will be at Orchard Farmhouse. Kick-off at 10.00am sharp when doors close. Bring beer or bacon sandwiches (coffee & tea available to special order only!). Bring a friend. Ladies are welcome. Antipodeans are especially welcome.

8) Geothermal Heat Pumps. 
Apparently these things offer heat in the winter and cool in the summer and use the earth as a source of heat. Take a look at the website below - the theory is elegant, the technology looks simple and the product is quite impressive (as is the cost!). Apparently the pay-back times vary but tend to be within a few years. I would love to see one of these things in action - does anyone know of one nearby? (Pete Setterfield had one I think. DT) 
here's the link:- 

Simon  McClean 5th July 2001     last months MR's


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