Simon Passmore's Beard and Children in Need

Dave the new manager of the Black Horse sent me the following email:

Simon outside The Black"The total amount to date raised by Simon and locals at The Black, The White and The Frog and Nightgown stands at 419.09.

Simon was half shaved on Friday night and remained so for the next 24hrs, including going into work on Saturday.

We are all very proud of him sportsmanship and hope to continue to raise money for worthy causes in the future.

Cheers Big Dave @ The Black Horse."

Simon has been a regular at the Black for as long as I can remember and I certainly can't recall seeing him without a beard. Now having seen the revealed half a face a few nights ago I don't think it should be done again without a very good reason. I can only hope he has kept the the shaved half and will stick it back on without delay. 

Well done Simon.

Dave Toye 23rd November