Sedgwick Park Open Day 12th May

I thought I had better add the pictures I took on the day before they were too untopical.
I spent a very pleasant afternoon walking round the gardens and inside part of the house. It was very kind of the new owners of the Park to allow their house and gardens to be used for the day.

The highlight for me however was meeting Edna (and her husband John) who had contacted me via the internet and was born in the North Lodge in 1933. I was able to introduce her to Mrs. Evelyn Banwell who was a maid in the house at the time she was born. Edna emailed me this afterwards:

Edna and EvelynThe lady whom I was so touched to be remembered by when I was a wee toddler is Mrs. Evelyn Banwell. (That was in the Abbey's days) I don't know what her maiden name was but she married Ray Banwell who's parents had the farm on the corner going towards Nuthurst. Those were the days when the road went straight down Lodge Hill (where I remember glow worms glowing in the evenings on our way back from Church/Pub) and into Nuthurst. My brother says they still live in Cookes Cottages which is on the road between Nuthurst and Maplehurst I believe.-

More from Edna to follow.

If anyone cares to let me know how much money was raised or wishes to provide a report on the day I would be pleased to add it.

Dave Toye 23rd May 02