Roe Deer Attack

Spaniel and DeerI think I have mentioned before that I usually see some Roe deer whilst walking my spaniel on the footpath off of Magpie Lane.

I have trained my dog not chase deer and generally she makes no attempt to do so. However if they are fairly close I sometimes sit the dog to get her attention before I send her off in a different direction. There is no point in tempting fate!

This morning I did this and the buck (who was with a doe)  put it's head down butted the dog anroe deerd then charged towards me. I rapidly retreated as I didn't fancy risking either the dog or myself to a gouge from it's antlers (some photos not too good as I was concerned about my health).

Roe deer rut in July and August and this one obviously didn't fancy the competition.

I have often gotten close to Roe in the early Summer when they have fawns to protect but have never been attacked before. Has anyone else?




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Dave Toye 6th August 2002