West Grinstead & District Ploughing & Agricultural  Society

Sat 15th September2001

Fair Oak Farm, Spithandle Lane, Wiston

Apologies for the delay in producing this, but I have been very busy. Once again a great day had by all, although I only arrived in the afternoon. This is all rather hurriedly put together and I am afraid I don't have time to do a proper job. If I left it any longer it would not be very topical. My plan for a animated gif terrier race will have to wait!

Below are a random set of photos of people I spotted (click on the thumbnails). Apologies also for to those whose names I don't know. Email me and I will include them. (More Pictures here)

DSCF0222.JPG (54706 bytes)

Tim Bennett from Henfield. organised the trade stands. Used to dance (fall over more usually - especially in The Black Horse!) in his youth with the Broadwood Morris men. Tim's wife Sue promised she would let me scan, for use on the site, some old drawings she did of the Black Horse 30 (correction it was 20 years - sorry Sue) years ago.

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Sarah Green who's parents used to live and farm at Pondtail Farm, West Grinstead was on the gate selling tickets. We used to play tennis together at HLTC. I'm afraid I don't know her married name.

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George Walker from Maplehurst on the left, with his family I think. Often found propping up the bar at The White Horse.

DSCF0226.JPG (43958 bytes)

John Rayner from Bakers at Dragons Green He was  farm manager for Mark Burrell for many years. I used to play darts with him in the George and Dragon 30 years ago in the days of Eddie Penfold. I think he still runs the shoot.

DSCF0220.JPG (58241 bytes)

The one and only Alan Kensett

DSCF0219.JPG (54160 bytes)

Crawley and Horsham Foxhounds

DSCF0218.JPG (51075 bytes)

I used to play tennis with John as well at HLTC - he's in the centre.

DSCF0216.JPG (55774 bytes)

Crawley and Horsham Foxhounds


DSCF0206.JPG (59889 bytes)

Julian Ford's hawk decided to disappear for a while during his Falconry display. He was able to track it from around 10 miles away using the bit of kit shown

DSCF0212.JPG (59923 bytes)

The bird finally came back! You can usually find Julian at Huxley's located in Hilliers Garden Centre, well worth a visit if you have not been there.

DSCF0198.JPG (42089 bytes)

Sheila Mayes from Maplehurst and her friend who told me her name but I have forgotten.

DSCF0190.JPG (58826 bytes)

Stuart Humber from Maplehurst ran the terrier racing as usual. More terrier racing pictures taken on the day in Simon McCleans MR's.

DSCF0195.JPG (71528 bytes)

Stuart's dog Germimea not participating as she is 18 years old.

DSCF0188.JPG (64677 bytes)

Bob and Annette, keen foot follower who live at Dragons Green. Regulars at my Bax Castle folk night (see for latest) every other Tuesday (and every other night I think!). Annette is Alan Kensett's sister.

DSCF0193.JPG (68906 bytes)

Start of a terrier race.

DSCF0191.JPG (70083 bytes)

Young terrier being shown the ropes.

DSCF0207.JPG (55733 bytes)

Junior tug o war

clive.JPG (41850 bytes)

Clive Warren with his son Ben and Springer Spaniel. Clive who lives in Sedgwick Park is an excellent shot and fisherman - plus budding bass guitar player??

DSCF0197.JPG (36021 bytes)

Johnny and Anna Hawkins from Singers Farm did the food and drinks as usual.


DSCF0225.JPG (51240 bytes)

Prize giving

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Pictures by Dave Toye  15th September