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"These are in MS word and I will try to keep this updated on a regular basis if I can. Dave Toye 29th Sept 03"


6th August Minutes

1st October Agenda

3rd September Minutes

1st October Planning Meeting

1st  October Minutes

19th November Planning Meeting


7th January Minutes

3rd March Agenda

4th February Minutes

17th March Planning Meeting

3rd March Minutes

21st April Planning Meeting

5th May Planning Meeting

7th April Minutes

2nd May Agenda

5th May Minutes

7th July Parish Meeting

2nd June minutes

21st July Planning Meeting + Local Development Plan

18th August Planning Meeting

7th July Minutes

3rd November Agenda

1st December Agenda

6th  October Minutes

9th Dec Agenda

3rd Nov Minutes

9th Jan Agenda

5th Jan minutes

2nd Feb Agenda

16th Feb Planning Agenda

6th April Minutes 


5th April 2006


Parish Plan Action Group