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8th October 2000


Dear Resident,


Proposal for Parish Boundary Change


The district council is, at the moment, considering altering certain parish boundaries. I know several people who feel that we, in Sedgwick Lane, have no connection with Southwater and have shown an interest in proposing a boundary change so that we are included with Nuthurst.


I have been told that if at least sixty per cent of the residents are interested in a change and the reasons meet the criteria required, then a boundary change will be considered.


Listed below are some reasons that I believe to be relevant and will submit them if enough people are interested.


1                    Sedgwick Lane is included in the Nuthurst, Maplehurst and Mannings Heath area for the rural policeman, PC Burfoot.

2                    We are included with Nuthurst for Neighbourhood watch.

3                    Sedgwick Lane is in the unusual position of being divided into two parishes -

Southwater for civil parish and St Mary’s, Horsham for ecclesiastical parish.

4                    Historically Sedgwick Lane was part of Sedgwick/Nuthurst.

5                    Older residents in Sedgwick Lane went to the school and the church in Nuthurst because they were the nearest and the road led directly to them.

6                    We do not receive newsletters or communication from Southwater. The only visit we have ever had was from Ian Howard, our present district councillor.

7                    Sedgwick Home Farm is part of Southwater parish.

8                    Nuthurst Society has held many events at Bulls Farm, Sedgwick Lane.

9                    Southwater is much further away from us than Nuthurst.


I propose that the boundary for Nuthurst includes the residents of Sedgwick Lane from the River Arun boundary (and one side of Kerves Lane (to the Arun) if they show any interest).


We have until 31st October if we wish to submit any reasons for a change. So if you feel, like me, that we should be included with Nuthurst, please complete the attached form and return it to me as soon as possible.


Any queries give me a call.


Yours sincerely,




Dave Toye







I wish my house to be transferred to Nuthurst Parish


I wish my house to stay in Southwater Parish













For your interest, I have included an extract from the council document.




"In considering any suggestions for new or changed Parish boundaries or electoral arrangements, the District Council is required by the 1997 Act to:

 “have regard to the need to reflect the identities and interests of local communities and to secure effective and convenient local government”.


The District Council cannot take into account any issues that are not included within the two criteria set out in the Act.


Parish Councils have two main roles: community representation and local administration.  For both purposes, it is desirable that a parish should reflect a distinctive and recognisable community of interest with its own sense of identity.  The feeling of the local community and the wishes of local inhabitants are the primary considerations.


The identification of a community is not a precise or rigid matter.  The pattern of daily life and local centres for activities such as education, shopping, community activities and leisure pursuits will all have an influence, as will transport and means of communication.  However, it should also be recognised that there could be circumstances where the focus of people’s day to day activities may not be reflected in their feeling of community identity.


The boundaries between parishes need to reflect the “no man’s land” between communities represented by areas of low population or barriers such as rivers, roads or railways.  They should be easily identifiable and likely to remain so."


* Attached is a map of exiting boundaries and the proposed alterations.




Existing Boundaries




Shaded area shows the proposed new addition to Nuthurst Parish