Nuthurst Society Walk

On Sunday the 15th October around 20 people from the area met at the White Horse Maplehurst  for a walk organised by Penny Bullen and lead by local fungi expert Jonathan Simons. The itinerary of the walk was shown in a booklet Jonathan had produced especially for the day and is reproduced with his permission here.

Below are a few photos I took.. Click on them to get larger image. As far as I am aware everyone who ate the fungi is still alive. Please inform me if otherwise so that we can be more careful next year.

This is a list Jonathan sent me detailing our finds on the day:

Species of Fungi both Found and Eaten on the Nuthurst Society Autumn Walk 2000

Rated ***** to * for taste

Agaricus silvicola                      White Wood Mushroom           *****
Agaricus arvensis                      Horse Mushroom                     ****
Agaricus sylvaticus                    Brown Wood Mushroom          ****
Lepiota procera                        Common Parasol                      ***
Lepiota rhacodes                      Shaggy Parasol             ***
Boletus edulis                           Cep                                          ***
Boletus appendiculatus  Spindle Bolete                          **
Clitocybe geotropa                   Rickstone Funnel-cap               *
Armillaria mellea                       Honey Fungus                          *
Phallus impudicus                      Stinkhorn                                  *

J.Simons 22 October 2000


jonathanjpg.jpg (31102 bytes)

Jonathan with  Boletus appendiculatus
which could be termed 'Spindle Bolete'

jonathanjpg1.jpg (37622 bytes)

Gymnopilus junonius -giant Flame-cap

eating.jpg (20917 bytes)

Group of walkers eating the results!

martin.jpg (19763 bytes)

Martin checking to see if it's edible.




DT 3rd November 2000