Nuthurst Society Autumn Fungi Walk - October 3rd 2002

 Jonathan sent me an email a week ago with the following pictures and comments.

DT 23rd December 02

"Prompted by the report of the walk in the Nuthurst Society News and your own article, and reading a reference to it in Simon McClean's Ramblings, I thought I ought  at least send you a few pictures.  Jonathan"

Beefsteak Fungus This is a small Beefsteak Fungus found on a trunk walking up the hill past Sedgwick House - edible. It was passed around the company who remarked on its spongy, slimey and generally repulsive nature.
Velvet Shank Fungi This is possibly 'Velvet Shank' on what I think was an old elm at the top of the hill.
Walkers in Sedgwick Lane This is the party proceeding down Sedgwick Lane near Bull's Farm
Walkers This is the party, now rather strung out, approaching Mannings Heath through the fields to the south of the village near Rickfield Farm (Wendy Simons and Jean Henderson in the foreground)
Plums and Cutard Fungi Plums and Custard under pines returning along the ridge (not edible despite its attractive name)
Stinkhorn Fungi A Stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus) under the hedge at the bottom of the East Drive near the Black Horse.