It would be nice if I could recruit the help of some people to provide ongoing information about the local area.

Ideally, if there were local contributions from Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Copsale, Monks Gate and Mannings Heath, I could incorporate them all under the one site. It would not preclude any individual village site but would make it more accessible under one roof.

 Two ways of doing this spring to mind.

 1) One or more individuals from each of the villages produce their own site and host it themselves (is anyone already doing this?) It could then be incorporated/linked into the Sedgwick site.

 2) One or more individuals from each of the villages send me a monthly/bimonthly e-mail in the form of a newsletter and I will incorporate it under a separate village category. I think I now have someone for Maplehurst. See Maplehurst Ramblings


Any other ideas? Any volunteers? Send me an e-mail or discuss in forum. Local people who have their own site please send me the URL for inclusion if suitable.