March Gardening

March Gardening , following on from last month, we got only a bit of dry weather!

I was hoping to answer loads of queries this month following this slot in February but it seems that all you lot out there either know it all or are, please excuse the pun, shrinking violets!!

I am in the process of having a new greenhouse installed .I have been debating for some time the pros and cons of aluminium versus wood ,but finally decided on a western red cedar house which arrived on site here in Henfield last week but is still sitting in the garden waiting for the chaps to come to put it up. In the meantime I have been clearing the site and leveling out the area whilst praying that the wind does not blow over the factory glazed panels. All is well, so far!

In clearing the garden for this new toy, I have lifted many perennial plants, splitting up the clumps as necessary for replanting or for potting on to use elsewhere. The easiest way to do this is to push two garden forks ,back to back, into the clump ,draw the handles together and the plant splits up without damaging the roots. Check the rootballs for the dreaded Vine Weevil grub. This is easily recognised as it has a creamy white body and an orange head. Left unattended this little fellow and his/her many mates will munch into the roots of different plants causing wilting and finally death Vine Weevil Grubs of your favourite plants. Once spotted squash the little beasts and the either use a biological control in the form of friendly eelworms or use a drench of a systemic insecticide such as Provada. This is mixed with water and applied to the soil. The active ingredient is absorbed by the plant and will kill the little munchers as they feed. This control has the added advantage of killing greenfly, whitefly and black fly. Make sure to follow the instructions on the packet.

Continue to sow seeds remembering to sow smaller amounts at two week intervals in order to get continuous cropping.

If this sort of item on the website is of interest to you, log on and tell us (in the Forum). Any hints and tips can be passed on so GO ON , DO IT NOW!

Jean Griffin (F.I. Hort) 18th March 02