This is the pest all gardeners hate most after slugs and snails. Mostly found in patio pots these little blighters cause havoc  in the garden. The adult weevil loves compost and will climb to find juicy young plants all the adults are female, therefore they are more difficult to get rid of! The adult will feed on foliage during summer and Autumn take distinctive crescent shaped notches out of the side of leaves. Plants they are particularly fond of are Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias Fuchsias, Begonias Clematis and all those new bedding plants you have so carefully nurtured for your containers.

The adult weevil is an inconspicuous looking beast, about one and a half a centimetres long [about half an inch, for folks like me who still convert to inches!] brownish black with drab, fuzzy yellowish spots on its back. The grubs are white with a distinctive orange head. One adult can walk/crawl three miles a year so it is best to get rid of them at the grub stage.

The ‘GREEN’ way to polishing off the grubs is to water with a solution made with water and a product called NEMASYS This is EELWORM POWER> These friendly eelworms are nematodes, microscopic creatures which are invisible to the naked eye and are totally harmless  to  children, pets and all wildlife including yourself!

Spring and the beginning of September are the two windows of opportunity  for the application of the solution.

NEMASYS can be obtained from  ‘The Green Gardener ‘ 41 Strumpshaw Road, Brundall, Norfolk. NR13 SPG

.Jean Griffin (F.I. Hort) 28th  April 03