With the approach of Autumn, the garden begins to look jaded. Plants seem to make one last growth spurt and all of a sudden almost everything needs trimming or cutting down. The grass is growing strongly but with rain, heavy dews and the reappearance of worm casts, it is increasingly difficult to find the right conditions for mowing without making a total mess of it.

You will have seen the Swallows (nest cam does not show swallows from this country. DT) gathering in the lane in readiness for their return to warmer climes. Noticeably fewer than in recent years, a trend thatpicture of swallows has been reported in other areas. Although it does not seem to indicate a general decline in Swallow numbers, a fall of up to 40 to 50% has occurred in specific places of which the South East is one. It has been suggested that it could relate to the drop in the number of dairy farms (fewer cows, fewer flies, less food for young Swallows).

Foot and Mouth rumbles on and now totals more than 2000 cases. Wasn’t it said to be over by the time of the general election? Latest predictions are for it to continue well into 2002.

St Michael’s day on the 29th September is the only day of predictions for the month. "As the wind is on St Michaels day so 't’will be for three months” and also “On Michaelmas Day the devil puts his foot on blackberry's”.


HIRUNDINE 7th September 2001


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