July 2001 

There are few weather predictions for July, the most significant being St Swithan’s  day on the 15th.

A young Kestrel has taken to sitting on the roof of the house. It seems to be watching all the activities around the bird table without being entirely sure what action it should take. There is no uncertainty about the Hobby, which visits daily and poses a significant threat to the unwary amongst the local Swallow population. 

Haymaking is well underway with well nigh perfect conditions. Other crops are making slow progress as many were planted late due to the wet conditions yet now look as though they would benefit from a shower or two. 

Foot and mouth shows no sign of stopping with an average of 3 or 4 new cases each day. It is now reported that an estimated 1450 extra cases have been concealed in the statistics and the total number of cases exceeds the 1967 outbreak by a long chalk. It is also suggested that the number of cases could have been halved if prompt early action had been taken. 

We have never seen so many Rabbits as there are  at the moment and they are wreaking havoc in the garden in spite all our attempts to keep them out. 

Finally, just a few words about Reg Mewes who died suddenly last month. Reg was a man of the countryside, immensely talented and a great character. When passing you in his car or on his bicycle you were always sure of a shout and a cheery wave. If stopping for a chat, you always parted laughing at some joke or the other, more often than not at your expense.

He will be greatly missed.




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