May 2001

primprosesNow the Spring flowers burst forth, now the woods and hedgerows take on those fresh green colours. All that pent up energy suddenly releases to celebrate the passing of Winter and the promise of fruitful times to come.

The sudden improvement of the weather has also seen a flurry of activityMartin Pollard's Garden from gardeners and farmers alike, desperately trying to make up for lost time. We must be slightly cautious however. The wind still has a bite to it and one or two frosts should serve as a reminder not to cut the lawns too short and not to rush to put the bedding plants out yet. "In the middle of May, comes the tail of winter", is an old saying worthy of note.

Birds too are at their busiest and many are feeding chicks at the nest. Most of the migrants due have arrived, but numbers of some species are well down on previous years. Did you notice the large numbers of House Martins passing overhead during the bank holiday weekend?

This month should see the arrival  of Swift, Turtle Dove and Spotted Flycatcher. Watch out for the Hobby, which has become a regular visitor in recent years and  terrorises the local Swallow

Foxes will become bolder as the demands of feeding their cubs become greater and Roe Deer will be looking for a suitable place to have their fawns, usually in cover such as long grass where they will be left alone for long periods.


HIRUNDINE 9/5/2001

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