Copsale Hall 21st March 2001


An informative evening was had by all at the recent Gardeners Question time at Copsale.

There were about 35 participants who gave the panel many mind stretching problems! In the hands of the capable chairman, Nick Reese, the panel did not seem to be at a loss to answer the questions but who knows what was going on behind the top table! {there did seem a lot of conferring and  giggles, with hand lenses being used to [or try to] excite Michael Fisher and his lichen covered Deutzia! Dave Toye, who was conspicuous by his absence, asked a few questions by proxy, and, did he but know it, caused considerable amusement for the audience. There were plenty of local issues brought up, particularly one couple who shall remain nameless but who have a controversial hedge near The White Horse.

Cheese and wine were organised by the Committee, and the raffle was administered by James England. 

All in all, a fun evening which is what we intended, those who missed it, missed out!!!

Jean Griffin