Easter Sunday at the Hall.

At first we thought that the weather would put paid to all our efforts but the sun alwayscream teas shines on the righteous so it is said! I had hoped to spend a little time with the children from the surrounding area talking about the plants in the Hall grounds and the hedgerows in Copsale, Maplehurst and Nuthurst but despite advertising the only youngsters who turned up had cycled from Dorking! They, and several others, took part in the plant identification quiz that was set up.

I had collected samples of local common trees and hedgerow plants [there are quite a few different species in the area] and had thrown in a few other examples to add a bit if colour and interest.
plant identification
The winner was Mr Adams from West Chiltington who also won a raffle prize. He was most surprised when I turned up on his doorstep clutching a pot of Lilies and an Easter Egg. I was given a tour of his garden that left me feeling very envious of the mature plants grown there. Gardeners are always eager to share and show off their plants!

Jean Griffin 28th April 2003