I was looking forward to going to the Autumn 2000 party at Copsale village hall, but had a late gig come in and thought that I wouldn't be able to make it. However, I managed to get home by midnight and arrived at Copsale around 12:30 am and as I expected, things were still in full swing. There was still some beer left, even though they had started at 8:30 and it was free (included in ticket price). Most of the regular locals seemed to be there together with a load of younger members from the area.  Everyone was having a great time and I'm sure the event was a great success. 

The party was organised by John and Beryl Barrott, Nick and Sally Care, Nick Holman, Kim Daley, Johnny and Anna Hawkins and Stuart Humber. Congratulations to all of these and sorry if I have missed anyone out! 

I took a few pictures with my new digital camera which I had bought that day, but unfortunately the battery ran out as I had not had time to charge it up.



Stuart Humber, Anna Hawkins and Nick Care








Kim Daley and Jim Swatton