Copsale Hall 21st February 2001


Around 50 people attended the talk by Alan Kensett entitled "Copsale in the 70's" . As to be expected Alan gave a light  hearted but informative talk about life in the area when he was working as a shepherd locally. Antidotes of consisting of tales of drinking in the various hostelries, tug of war competitions and poaching rabbits down the railway line were amongst the many stories he was able to relate.

After nearly thirty years Alan was able to confess to Sheila Mayes, that it was he that removed her gate from the hinges on his way home after serious session down the Black one Saturday night. I think Sheila may have known anyway - she didn't seem to be too surprised! 

A few of the others present chipped in with a few tales - Nick Holman ( ex landlord of Tabby Cat) with one of the many stories of the feud between himself and Johnny Hawkins and Colin Carver with a cruel wellie boot tale. I think some more of these stories could well be the future subject of another evenings entertainment.

After Alan had finished off with a few songs he had learnt from the area, there was a lull whilst the assembled company ate their pizzas and had some more wine.

Dick Streeter, Malcolm, Harry and I then played some tunes to finish off the evening. 

Special thanks to Carol Swatton, David Fisher and Sheila Mayes who did most of the hard work in preparation for the evening.

Well done Duncan for his original suggestion to get Alan along and Copsale Hall committee for organizing this event. I think we raised over 100 for the upkeep of the Hall.

Mostly however, thanks again Alan for a great evening.  More pictures


Dave Toye 27th Feb 2001